Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have always been drawn to the color ORANGE. Orange reflects many of my favorite things: The 1960's era, Autumn, October, sunsets, the first dress I ever made myself (crushed velvet-Homecoming, 1968.), the flowers in my wedding, the shag carpet in our little cabin, my son's hair, my new fall jacket.
Orange is warm and vivid. It has the ability to lift spirits. It's nostalgic. Positive.

Bittersweet. Persimmon. Tangerine. Pumpkin. Coral. Rust. Amber. Gamboge.
I just can't resist the many faces of orange!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


If  you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that my fashion guru is Simon Doonan. From his book, "Eccentric Glamour",  I learned that I have been sporting 'Gypsy Fashion' for quite some time, although I didn't know that there was an official name for wearing recycled vintage clothing. I just knew I liked the shabby chic look and the idea of being eco-savvy.
According to Simon, Gypsy Style is very much in vogue right now. Because the style is so compatible with the Green Movement, it makes perfect sense to me.

And, Gypsy Style is incredibly romantic. Just imagine yourself living in a tent or a....log cabin. Imagine how uninhibited and free you feel, swirling around the campfire in a flounced cheesecloth skirt and vintage Victorian bloomers you found at the flea market. What could be more dreamy?

If sustainability and fair trade, freedom and comfort, are important to you, you may want to adopt Gypsy Glamour as your look as well. But, do be mindful: just because a garment is made of organic cotton does not mean it has allure and sizzle. Remember, you still want to be glamorous in your green wear.  My advice: look for off the shoulder Carmen blouses, embroidered taffeta skirts, Victorian piano shawls, oversized silk scarves, men's hats, knee high suede boots and espadrilles. Mix and match. You will be hot and hip. (Not to mention you will feel good about helping to save our planet).

Likewise, decorating your tent, cabin, apartment, or house in Gypsy Style is similarly romantic and eclectic. And, oh, so easy. Hang some Indian saris on your walls. Add a couple of vintage saddles around the room. Dangle some dream catchers and sling a hammock or two across the living room. Place unusual trinkets from your travels here and there. Voila! Gorgeous, and virtually no maintenance.

What's not to like about Gypsy Style?!