Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On this EARTH DAY I encourage you to take a moment to enjoy the riches of nature and consider what you can do to help preserve our Mother Earth. I thought it might be fun to share a passage from my book about cultivating a 'Fairy Garden' in hopes of sustaining a wee bit of wild life in your own back yard.

"I agree, as many gardeners do, with the legendary Pan: that leaving a patch of earth untilled, unplanted, and untouched will allow the magical flowers to grow as they please, and the insects, wildlife, and the fairies will claim it as their home. So many things that are out of place in the sophistication of a formal bed will thrive here to charm us with their blossoms, as well as their lore.
Shakespeare tells us of oxlips, roses, violets, woodbine, and eglantine, the lovely name for sweetbrier. Cuckooflowers, ground flax, harebells, mallow, and stitchwort are some of the lesser know wildings that also might be a part of this magical garden....
And, if you visit this sacred spot and a tiny green bug alights upon your shoulder, it just might be that diminutive elf we've talked about, come from another realm to whisper words of wisdom-a prayer for non-believers: Learn to work in harmony with our blessed planet, and it will sustain and nourish us..."
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A chorus of birdsong led me into the woods early this morning. Then, distracted by an irritating squawking between some territorial ducks and sand hill cranes, I followed the path to the pond. Prime nesting territory. I watched them for a bit, before the joyful croaking of the spring peepers drew me to another pond close by. I followed their chatter, winding through the low brambling branches sprouting fresh green buds.  Oh, how I love that sweet, pungent 'green' fragrance. And, all around me colorful new life was winking: celery green, lavender, golden yellow and the palest pink.... Aprils' pastels. As I began to slowly make my way out to the road, a young bald eagle swooped near! I grabbed my camera and got ready, but, I was too late. He had gone. A little disappointed, I continued to make my way out of the woods. Then, I caught a glimpse of something just barely hanging to a branch above me, shimmering in the warm breeze. A single, regal feather that spring warrior left behind.  A sweet gift.