Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Kristin and I are making something new: enchanted Gypsy Art Dolls! Each is a one-of-a-kind, collectible, made from our stash of scavenged textile scraps, furs, jewels, charms, buttons, beads, feathers, twigs and stones. Kristin sculpts their faces from polymer clay, then paints them with acrylic paints.

Our affinity for the ancient Celts, Faeries, and Gypsies-all who practiced living in harmony with nature- inspired the creation of our fanciful new dolls. They are a glamorously eccentric mesh of colorful Gypsy, eco-Hippie, and mythical Faerie/Goddess.

I am giving our dolls a test run this weekend at the fabulous Holiday WEARABLE ART SHOW in Wisconsin Rapids. The show this year will be held on Friday (9am-6pm) and Saturday (9am-2pm) at The Golden Eagle Log Home Model, 4421 Plover Road (Hwy. 54 East), Wisconsin Rapids.  


Domesticated Gypsy said...

Do you have an etsy shop? I would LOVE to buy one of your Gypsy spirit dolls, but unfortunately, I am no where near you to attend the show this weekend. They are so amazing and touching, and so creative with the mix of gypsy and native American cultures.


Thank you for your comments!
Yes. I have an etsy store and will be listing some Gypsy Spirit Dolls as soon as I return from the show. (: Please check back!

Sandi said...

I always love seeing what you come up with next. I know these will be great for you.
Letter soon.

White Winged Dove~Stevie Nicks Tribute Band said...

Absolutely love these! I hope to make some dolls in the future with my Polymer clay, and rooms full of fabrics and crafty things...Yours are truly inspirational! Happy Holidays!