Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Everything I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.
-Abraham Lincoln

My Mother is a child of the Depression. That had a profound impact on her life, and the woman she became. Hard working. Independent. Selfless. Strong.

But, maybe my Mother’s greatest attribute is that she has such a big heart. She is compassionate and caring, always there to lend a helping hand to a family member, neighbor or a friend.

In her family of eight-seven brothers and sisters-four have been claimed by cancer. My Mother helped care for three of them (her oldest brother lived far away or I am sure she would have been there for him as well) in their final months. We also lost my brother to cancer three years ago and my Mom fought tirelessly right along side him for the last year of his life. As I write this post, her oldest sister struggles in the end stage of lung cancer. Mom is there with her. Holding her hand. Supporting her. Loving her.

 Life is full of chaos and uncertainty. But, My Mother has always been the one I go to when I need a soft place to fall.

I Love you, Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day.