Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ever since our 'Gannonstock' Family Reunion, I have been thinking a lot about WOODSTOCK. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that Woodstock happened 40 years ago! Where has the time gone? Am I really that old?!!

Woodstock took place the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, and the free-spirited boy I was dating begged me to go. At the time, I was not brave enough to pack up and head to upstate New York for a three day camp-out with him, so I stayed home. A decision I sorely regret. Who knew it would turn out to be THE party of the decade, history's biggest happening?!

The Woodstock Documentary came out early the next year and I was one of the first in line. For me the 'good vibrations' was just a small part of the mystique of it all. What I felt when I watched the Woodstock Phenomenon was the spirit of thousands of young people discovering the euphoric realization that THEY were what was happening in the world. "Make Love Not War" WAS a revolution.

Yes. I know it was meant to be primarily a music festival. But, Woodstock was so much more then that. It was a sumptuous feast for both eyes and ears. I watched the film and literally absorbed the heady music, the rich tattered fashions, the peace-seeking vibes. All of it had a profound affect on my life and my art. For me it was the beginning of my flower-child, free-spirit, anti-establishment period....although, if truth be told, part of me has never quite gotten over the rich, juicy, colorful spirit of Woodstock .

Maybe I don't really want to.

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