Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ever since our 'Gannonstock' Family Reunion, I have been thinking a lot about WOODSTOCK. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that Woodstock happened 40 years ago! Where has the time gone? Am I really that old?!!

Woodstock took place the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, and the free-spirited boy I was dating begged me to go. At the time, I was not brave enough to pack up and head to upstate New York for a three day camp-out with him, so I stayed home. A decision I sorely regret. Who knew it would turn out to be THE party of the decade, history's biggest happening?!

The Woodstock Documentary came out early the next year and I was one of the first in line. For me the 'good vibrations' was just a small part of the mystique of it all. What I felt when I watched the Woodstock Phenomenon was the spirit of thousands of young people discovering the euphoric realization that THEY were what was happening in the world. "Make Love Not War" WAS a revolution.

Yes. I know it was meant to be primarily a music festival. But, Woodstock was so much more then that. It was a sumptuous feast for both eyes and ears. I watched the film and literally absorbed the heady music, the rich tattered fashions, the peace-seeking vibes. All of it had a profound affect on my life and my art. For me it was the beginning of my flower-child, free-spirit, anti-establishment period....although, if truth be told, part of me has never quite gotten over the rich, juicy, colorful spirit of Woodstock .

Maybe I don't really want to.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have just returned from the long July 4th Weekend at our family cottage on the lake, where along with 49 other members from my husband's side of the family (plus two dogs), I gathered for the first ever Gannon Family Reunion: 'GANNONSTOCK 2009'-so named in honor of this summer's 40th anniversary celebration of Woodstock (:

We are an eclectic group-the youngest 7 months old, the oldest 64 years young- with interests as varied and different as can be. But, for three days we came together as one. We shared stories around the campfire. We played in the water. We had a very disorganized, but, oh so dazzling, boat parade around the bay (which included ski boats, hobies, paddle boats, and rafts). We sang Michael Jackson songs in an off-beat harmony to honor the recently fallen King of Pop. We ate too many roasted hot dogs and we drank too many brandy slushes! We 'ooohed and aaahed' over Tom and Rick's spectacular fireworks display as we huddled together around a roaring pit fire.

We celebrated our many freedoms, we counted our rich blessings.

How lucky I feel to be part of such a large and loving family.