Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A chorus of birdsong led me into the woods early this morning. Then, distracted by an irritating squawking between some territorial ducks and sand hill cranes, I followed the path to the pond. Prime nesting territory. I watched them for a bit, before the joyful croaking of the spring peepers drew me to another pond close by. I followed their chatter, winding through the low brambling branches sprouting fresh green buds.  Oh, how I love that sweet, pungent 'green' fragrance. And, all around me colorful new life was winking: celery green, lavender, golden yellow and the palest pink.... Aprils' pastels. As I began to slowly make my way out to the road, a young bald eagle swooped near! I grabbed my camera and got ready, but, I was too late. He had gone. A little disappointed, I continued to make my way out of the woods. Then, I caught a glimpse of something just barely hanging to a branch above me, shimmering in the warm breeze. A single, regal feather that spring warrior left behind.  A sweet gift.

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