Monday, March 21, 2011


It is the official first day of spring, so I decided I had better choose my theme color of the season. Since my very proud Irish family's favorite holiday has just passed, you may have guessed that I am going with GREEN.
Of course, green must surely be everyone's favorite color right now. After our long, drab winter, it feels good to see the beginning shoots of green life again.

 I love to use different shades of green to paint furniture. And, I am quite partial to green rugs. (The carpet throughout our home is sea green). Green is the color of nature, so it is my way of bringing the outdoors in.

Green is such a positive, energy giving color. Whether it be celadon, chartreuse, clover, fern, kelly, lime, moss, olive, pine or teal....they are all a breath of fresh air.

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