Wednesday, July 26, 2017


" I have a room all to is called Nature." - Henry David Thoreau

My husband, Tom, and I own a wee bit of paradise on Presque Isle Lake.  We have owned the land in northern Wisconsin for 23 years-having bought it with intentions to build our very own dream cabin way back then.  But, shortly after that, the economy took a downturn, so we put our plans on hold.  Luckily, the property came with a quaint little old cabin that we cleaned up and used. For 23 years. But, accommodating six of us in that tiny space was a lot easier when the kids were young.  Now they are grown, getting married and having babies of their own...and that little cabin just couldn't hold everyone anymore. So, finally, last fall we began the building process...

...and finished a few weeks ago ( well, we still have plenty of decorating to do, but, that will come in time) and are currently working on the landscaping.

We have been going up most every weekend, but, as soon as Tom finishes his final development project here in Mc Farland (hopefully by summer's end), we hope to spend much more time exploring our northern wilderness while we are 'roughing it in style' at our cozy new home on the lake.

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