Monday, March 23, 2009


It is raining here today and there is a chill in the air. The damp dreariness was making me blue and....stuck. I decided to put on my new wellies and go for a walk in the woods. I bought these funky rubber boots back in December at a shoe outlet mall and hadn't worn them yet, saving them for a rainy day.

Our home sits on some acres of woodland, full of wonderously wild flora and fauna. So, I tromped out the back door and off into the woods. I had walked for maybe thirty minutes when I found the perfect stump to rest upon, sheltered from the drops of falling rain by some big tree branches. I listened to the sounds of spring peepers already here, the calls of so many different types of birds I lost count, the shrill squawking of the sand hill cranes and the return honking from the geese as they fought over pond territory. There was the sound of squirrels scurrying past, the crunching of leaves as a young deer about eight feet away bedded down in a cozy pile of leaves...and all around my secret little hide away were the sweet soft sounds of dripping raindrops.

I inhaled the succulent sweet smells of the fern and leaves covering the forest floor, and pungent aroma of wet pine needles.

I sat for maybe twenty minutes and then headed home, feeling much more content.

Mother Nature is a mighty muse.

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