Friday, April 3, 2009


The roots of Rockabilly (from Rock'N'Roll and Southern Hillbilly/Country) is sometimes said to have begun in the 1940's and 50's with the women who took over factory jobs during World War II, like 'Rosie The Riveter'. America relied on women in a very public way and at the height of the war, one out of three defense workers was a former full-time homemaker. While women worked outside the home during the day, at night many would get gussied up and dance the night away. Rockabilly began as that 'working woman-tart sex kitten' pairing.

A Rockabilly girl is passionately proud of her background, roots, and who she is. A Rockabilly girl has attitude and supercharged style. Rockabilly was often called 'Retro Punk', 'Dixifried Vintage', 'Rebel Couture', 'Bohemian Grunge', 'Rock Star Fashion', and 'Harajuku' in Japan. The eccentric Rockabilly look today might be a big baggy coat, slacks and creeper shoes; rolled up jeans and a tied up shirt with spiked high heels, a 50's pin-up girl dress and fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots and an acrylic mini-dress, leatherette pants and a man's suit jacket... fashion pairings that are a bit inappropriate with an exaggerated sense of occasion. And, always an exuberant amount of embellishment: oodles of bangles, belts, feathers and chains. Rockabilly is the combining 'comfort with an unexpected edge'.

Although Rockabilly has faded in and out of fashion through the is making a comeback today in a explosive way. Resale and thrift shops are in vogue again. Tattered Couture is the rage as everyone begins to recycle, reuse, and repurpose old clothing and accessories.

And, I am thrilled to learn that my eccentric bohemian style is 'in'. My thrift store jackets, leatherette pants, wild gypsy frocks, lace-up boots, and rhinestone tiaras have probably always seemed a bit odd. But, for me, fashion has always been about fun. I am happy to keep rockin' Rockabilly (:

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