Friday, May 1, 2009



I love this magical season of our earth's rebirth. I love the explosion of colors and scents. I love the lore and legend associated with flowers-especially those of faeries.

Did you know that May Day is an excellent time for sighting faeries?

"According to legend, the best times to see faeries are on the winter and summer solstices, the spring and autumn equinoxes, May Day, and Halloween. And, of course, any blue moon summer night is also a favorable time for a sighting.
Lewis Carroll said that there are rules for sighting fairies: 'First is that there must be a very hot day-that we may consider settled: and you must be just a little sleepy-but not too sleepy to keep your eyes open, mind.
'Well, and you ought to feel a little-what one may call 'fairyish'- the Scotch call it 'eerie', and perhaps that's a prettier word; if you don't know what it means, I'm afraid I can hardly explain it; you must wait till you meet a Fairy, and then you'll know.
'And, the last rule is, that the crickets should not be chirping. I can't explain that: you must take it on trust for the present.
'So, if all these things happen together, you have a good chance of seeing a Fairy-or at least much better chance then if they didn't."
This excerpt and fairy illustration is from my book, 'Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances', Storey Publications, 1998.

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