Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just returned from my morning walk...seduced by the sweet sounds, sights and smells of our blooming woods, I ventured into the thick of it to see what I could see. I came upon two young deer drinking from a small pond formed from our many days of rain, camouflaged perfectly in their soft brown coats, I almost missed them. There were a couple of young, sleek black geese cavorting on the same pretty puddle, a rainbow of birds singing and dancing on the breeze-including two beautiful, big hawks making lazy circles in the clear blue sky, spring peepers conversing loudly, a big, oozing owls nest high up in a tree, and, ooohhh! all the shimmering shoots poking through the warm mahogany earth. I found sweet, tiny lemon yellow woodland flowers just blooming among the crusty, rustling leaves...and, pale lime buds on every tree and bush. This is such a glorious season! Made all the better by a warm and sunny day.

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