Saturday, June 30, 2012


"My Dearest Molly Dolly,

When you were just a tiny girl
Barely four or five,
You’d play in my old dresses
And pretend you were a bride.

You’d dance around the Family Room,
So full of joy and glee,
And, I got a very vivid glimpse
Of the wife you’d someday be.

Since those enchanted childhood days
Many years have passed
Now the time is almost here…
Your Wedding Day at last.

The air is filled with Magic,
The Universe with Love.
You have a glow about you-
Like you’ve swallowed up the sun!

And, in your eyes, my dearest girl,
I see a dream that shines
I have not a single doubt
You’ll be the most beautiful Bride.

I love you,

June 2012

1 comment:

Kmac said...

Love the doll and the poem........such a special time for you all.........Molly is lucky to have such a creative mom!