Monday, August 6, 2012


Our newest Gypsy Doll is 'The Faery Godmother'.
The Faery Godmother gives us grace to help us along our way. It might be a little touch of faery dust to lift a mood, or it might be a conspicuous miracle....or it might be anything in between. She protects us from ill will and plain stupidity of others. She protects us from our own mistakes.  She un tangles snarls in our psyches and bestows gifts upon us-whatever she feels we need. Sometimes she gives us choices when we thought we had none.

Grace is the good fortune of the Universe even when we don't deserve it. In fact, deserving or not deserving is not the issue. We are-and therefore, we are loved. It is that simple.

The Faery Godmother is the giver of Grace, and occasionally of useful lessons. She tries not to interfere  with our learning process, but she adds that little touch of faery grace that helps us to learn a little faster sometimes. Quite often she acts in our lives through the hands and hearts of others.

The Faery Godmother is the only faery to wear a crown of stars. flowers, and branches, which says a lot about her.

The Faery Godmother glows through us as we perform loving and appropriate kindnesses for others and develop our capacity for unconditional love.

-Taken from Brian Froud's 'The Faeries Oracle"

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Angela said...

She is stunning! I've just found your blog while clicking along on a trail of art blogs and I'm glad I did :-) I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Angela of Whimsy Ways